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Match 3 of our Hoose mascots to increase your score and meet our Hoose Mascots!

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Nice to meet you!

Meet our adorable Hoose mascots!
Draco: The Fiery house with unmatched resolve.
Phoenix: The Blazing house that lights the way.
Ursa: The Courageous house that never backs down.
Lynx: The Quick-witted house that defies all odds.
Aquila: The Passionate house that is always reaching for the skies.
Pegasus: The Magical house that spreads hope.


Our House Captains!

Meet the House Caps for Draco, Phoenix, Ursa, Lynx, Aquila, and Pegasus! Compete in one of 6 unique houses, each with their own identity, in exciting and fun inter-house competitions in VJC!

House Caps