Watch Me!

Immerse yourself in a virtual school tour in... Minecraft!

With every detail of the school built with exact measurements in this popular video game, learn more about the VJC campus with these videos that have been prepared specifically for you!
Want to explore the world on your own? No problem! Users with the Minecraft application on their computers can join our server and download the texture pack HERE! Have fun!


Access this page using a computer to explore the VJC Map through videos for each location on this map.


VJC Minecraft Server

Come visit our Minecraft server for a truly immersive VJ experience! Look out on Instagram for our games timetable and opening hours!

Server name: VJBlock
Server IP:

In order to enjoy our school, please download the VJC texture pack to experience our murals, labs, and more in full detail! Screenshot your experience and tag us on Instagram @thevictorianverve! Download